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RMG's Flashback Friday: RMG News Moment w/Edward Rhymes: 2017-04-07

Hello Rhymes Media Group Fam. This a RMG News Report analyzing the US attack on Syria. Here's an article from TeleSur English's website: "The U.S. and the West blame Syrian President Bashar Assad for the recent chemical attack while the government and its ally Russia deny the allegation.

The United States launched attacks against the Syrian army Wednesday evening in response to the recent chemical attack that killed 70 people in Syria, which Washington and most Western countries blame on the government of Bashar Assad. Some 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched from U.S. Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea, a U.S. official told Reuters speaking on condition of anonymity. A target was identified as an airbase in Homs, Syria." Listen to the clear and passionate analysis of this act of US aggression by Dr. Rhymes. See you there, see you then.

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