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Rhymes Reasons w/Dr. Edward Rhymes: George Galloway

Hello Rhymes Media Group Fam. In this very, very special episode of Rhymes Reasons we had as our guest George Galloway. George is the former MP for Bradford West (2012 - 2015), Bethnal Green & Bow (2005 - 2010), Glasgow Kelvin (1992- 2005) and Glasgow Hillhead (1987 - 1992). He is also author of the book Open Season: Bombs, Bullets & Bigots. How Neil Lennon Refused To Bow To Sectarianism.

Mr. Galloway's feature length documentary film called The Killing$ of Tony Blair, premiered in July 2016.He is a regular contributor on Sputnik (with his wife), RT and Comment each week on Press TV, He presents Kalima Hurrah, a twice monthly television show on Al-Mayadeen TV. George is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube where he has 1 million followers.

Rhymes Media Group Fam. We had a wonderful time with George Galloway on Rhymes Reasons earlier today. For some strange reason my mic was doing funny things for about half of the interview (15 minutes) but George came through crystal clear,

Now, if you can muddle through the early technical difficulties, then this is STILL a wonderful interview and the great George Galloway never disappoints.

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