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RMG's #IndependentMediaMonday w/Edward Rhymes: Ben Norton

Ben Norton, the brilliant political analyst and investigative reporter for Alternet was our guest for Rhymes Media Group’s #IndependentMediaMonday (May 24, 2017).

Ben joined Dr. Rhymes for an extended interview on US foreign policy. We discussed several issues, including:

*2011 NATO regime change in Libya and the lies that were used to sell the war;

*US policy in Afghanistan from the 1980s to today and the conflict’s role in fueling the opioid epidemic;

*Russia hysteria and the US government and corporate crackdown on independent dissident journalism;

*and the Democratic Party’s inability to engage in self-criticism and American liberals’ seemingly inexorable rightward lurch.

If you can hear Ben speak about the issues of great importance and not come away enlightened, then you really weren't listening. Be sure to add your comments - and your voice - to this broadcast.

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