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RMG #IndependentMediaMonday: Qasim Ali Al-Shawea

Today, we talk w/Yemeni Journalist & Humanitarian Qasim Ali Al-Shawea about the state of his beloved country, here, on RMG's #IndependentMediaMonday.

"A child dies every minute; an adult dies every hour due to the cholera epidemic in Yemen." The assault upon Yemen by Saudi Arabia - backed by the US - has been brutal and unrelenting.

Recently, Qasim had this to say about the work that he's engaged in: "Working as volunteers in a country under war and totally sieged for almost 2 and a Half years as "Yemen" is considered a real challenging for voluntary and humanitarian workers at the ground, especially with lack of donations regarding to the largest humanitarian catastrophe along with bad economic conditions which millions of people are facing inside the country. Despite that all, Your Abilities Org's team (they have a Facebook page as well) continues to save people lives as possible as they can."

"Alhamdulillah, on Monday 21 August 2017, our team have distributed 65 food baskets to the displaced families from various provinces in Sana'a today. (We are trying to ease people's suffer, Drawing the smile on their faces and Raising the spirit of solidarity and cooperating). My fear isn't for my life on a given aid mission."

"My fear is that I might fail to help those who see us as their last hope!"

If there is any way you can assist our colleague Qasim Ali Al-Shawea in his work, please do.

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