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RMG's Anti-Racism 101: Comparing and Contrasting Unintentional & Intentional Prejudice

Rhymes Media Group, in keeping with our commitment to advocacy journalism, we present the series: RMG's Anti-Racism 101.

Rhymes Media Group began, and continues, as a mechanism for persuasion for those who are willing to be persuaded. In other words, we are not looking for a show of hands - popular consensus is one of the WORSE metrics for determining what's true.


Here, Dr. Edward Rhymes compares and contrasts unintentional & intentional prejudice, its root causes and motivations. Are political changes necessary for the maintenance of either? Is prejudice always integrated with other beliefs? These questions, and more are answered in this video.

The presentation is 21 minutes long. See you there; see you then.

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