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RMG Remembers: RMG's Inside Syria w/Rana Almetwali: 2017-04-22

Hello Rhymes Media Group Fam. We hope you enjoy the inaugural broadcast of RMG's Inside w/Rana Almetwali where she discusses the plight of some of the evacuees from Fouha and Kafraya - people from the same areas as those who were slaughtered last week by US-backed terrorists during, what was supposed to be, an agreed upon peaceful evacuation of civilians.

Rana gives us some insight to the process of re-settlement for these casualties of war, having to leave the places that they called home - the new government-constructed housing, they now occupy, is named after the towns they had to leave.

Note: the last video clip is an interview conducted by Rana Almetwali of one of those souls that the US the West and its allies must view as nothing more than necessary collateral damage in their quest for regime change and occupation.

The woman, in the video, speaks (in Arabic) about her life in Fouha and Kafraya ..she said that they were living 11 people in 1 house when most of them were martyred (killed). And, although happy to be safe, they lack everything ..washing machines, and the like, where they now live.

Please listen, look and share the stories of suffering and resilience. Thank you.

Note: music in the Inside Syria video/photo array, was produced by Clifford Kenneth Rhymes.

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