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Rhymes Reasons w/Dr. Edward Rhymes: Adam Garrie (2017-10-11)

Hello Rhymes Media Group Fam Adam Garrie, political analyst of The Duran, writes in his latest piece: The United States has an empathy problem which feeds a culture of violence abroad, ignorance at home and tragedy all around, Among many Americans and certainly among those whose narrative is embraced by the mainstream media, the wider world’s cognitive dissonance is somehow lost in an ever pervasive exceptionalist attitude whereby Americans elevate their domestic tragedies to the level of a cataclysm, while the deaths caused by the United States in the wider world, are reduced at best to the level of statistics and at worse, to the level of a macabre achievement.

Dr. Rhymes and Adam have a lively conversation about this dynamic in American society and culture and some of the potential remedies for this "empathy deficit. So tune in to an interesting and captivating conversation here on RMG's Rhymes Reasons. See you there; see you then.

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