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Dr. Edward Rhymes discusses racial profiling and police brutality

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

From Dr. Rhymes writings: "Since 2009, there have been 17 shooting incidents between anti-government extremists and law enforcement." "One of those 17 shooting incidents between homegrown extremists and police is the April 2009 shootout between Richard Poplawski and Pittsburgh police. Poplawski killed 3 officers and wounded a fourth. Another is the June 2014 killing of two Las Vegas police officers by Jerad and Amanda Miller — a couple who had spent some time at the Bundy ranch. They would later be killed in a shootout with police, but not before they murdered another individual." "What do all these incidents have in common? The overwhelming majority of these killers were white (http://www.mintpressnews.com/justifia...)"

"The twisted irony of law enforcement’s disdain for groups like Black Lives Matter – and seem fond of bellowing the illegitimate claim that they endanger the lives of police officers – is that it’s White supremacist groups, above and beyond, that are the chief purveyors of extremist violence against police (https://www.rhymesmediagroup.com/sing...)"

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