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While You Were Dreaming: Real Stories Ignored While Country Embraces Contrived #Russiagate

With the recent Trump-Putin meeting, the media, corporate and social, has been flooded with imperialistic propaganda of a mythological collusion between the two to undermine "American democracy". While this story has been going on, however, more important stories have been severely undercovered, if not at all. To correct this error, the following list of some such stories have been compiled.

In Nigeria, people living in the Niger Delta are being slaughtered by the Nigerian government for their rich oil-supplies. All of this has been approved and funded by the U.S.

In Nigeria, again, Boko Haram has been, and is terrorizing people throughout Nigeria. Boko Haram have been trained by the U.S. funded terrorists in Libya who killed African visionary and revolutionary Muammar Gaddafi. This act was enacted by the very same people who spun the Russia myth: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Speaking of Libya, black Africans are being sold as slaves in open markets by the aforementioned terrorists. Again, all of this was caused by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In Congo-Kinshasa, millions of people are being brutalized and terrorized by the corrupt Congolese government, and mercenaries sent from neighboring Uganda and Rwanda. All three of these players are being paid by the United States and/or Belgium so that Western corporations can benefit from the natural resources of Congo - while the soldiers rape the women, the corporations rape the land.

In Sudan and South Sudan, border wars caused by Western interference have caused the deaths of millions, as well as many fleeing the war-zone. Israel's involvement further compounded the fighting.

In Lake Chad, NATO funded wars have caused loss of life, insecurity, and famine for the inhabitants of the countries surrounding the Lake - Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria.

In Syria, the inhabitants there are still being battered by strikes against them by the U.S., NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and the terrorists funded by them - al-Qaeda, Daesh (ISIS), and the Kurds.

In Palestine, the U.S.-supported Israeli government is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, in a much similar way Israel's ancestors endured in Nazi Germany.

In Israel, black Africans are being sent back to their war-torn countries. Countries Israel help make into a war-zone in the first place. Israel is also unlawfully discriminating Ethiopian Jews, a people that have a much greater claim to Jewry than most of Israel's inhabitants (See Efrain Elhaik’s work on Ashkenazi Jewish DNA).

In Yemen, through arms and funding from the United States, Britain, and Israel, Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen back to the stone age. Saudi Arabia is also crippling Yemen by cutting off any outside supplies, further compounding the already-rampant amounts of starvation and disease. This crime against humanity is one of the worst in human history.

In Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabist government brutalizes anyone who does not follow their unlawful, and strict guidelines. Those of other religions, other Muslim sects, blacks, foreigners, and women are among those oppressed. Saudi Arabia has been one of America's top allies.

In Australia, one of America's allies, African refugees are being banished from the country. They face a choice of either going back to their war-torn countries, or being sent to hellish refugee camps in Papua New Guinea, and Nauru.

In Cuba, the economy is under an increasing burden due to trade restrictions brought upon by the decades-old embargo. It is nothing less than a miracle that the Cuban economy is still intact.

In Nicaragua, the United States is organizing a coup against the democratically-elected socialist leader, Daniel Ortega, causing the deaths of hundreds of people through bloody insurgence. The attempt is just one of many other attempts the United States have organized over the years to undermine Latin American socialist leaders.

In the United States, people of color are being killed every day by the same political institutions that many people are trying to justify in #Russiagate.

In America, Blacks, Natives, and Latinos are the poorest members of society due to hundreds of years of enslavement, genocide, imperialism, disenfranchisement, and collective institutional discrimination.

In the US, First Nation peoples, Latinos and Blacks are the most populous groups in prison and 1% of the population owns most of the nation's wealth, while most of Americans are heavily burdened financially.

In conclusion, while many people have been dreaming dreams of a Trump-Putin collusion in our 2016 elections, this list shows what's happening in the real world, a world in which the real enemy of humanity is the same political institutions that we are defending when we believe the lies that they are telling about Russian interference with "democracy". These lies are only there so that they can continue on their path of carnage for greed and power. The only people that profit from this propaganda is them, and until we choose to focus on their crimes against humanity, their profits will continue to increase.

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