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US Human Rights Record, Not Cuba's, Should Be Condemned

Both the people in the U.S. and Cubans on the island are overwhelmingly for a normalization of relations, Freeman told teleSUR.

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, Netfa Freeman, Cuba policy analyst for the Washington D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies, commented on U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement rolling back the normalization of relations with Cuba. Trump called the U.S. rollback on Cuba, among other things, humanitarian. Can you address this point?These are people who have no concept of what human rights and freedom for a people mean. And this doesn’t just mean Donald Trump. This applies also to all U.S. political officials who uphold the capitalist, imperialist system. Trump himself is a capitalist who leeches off of the super-exploitation of people and the environment. Read more:

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