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RMG's #SayItAgainSunday (2018-10-07)

Editor's Note: From October 7, 2016

Hello BlogtalkRadio listeners! This is the first #FirstFriday for Rhymes Reasons. Every first Friday of the month, Dr. Edward Rhymes flies solo for the hour and talks about what's on his mind in the world of politics, war peace, poverty, racism etc. A whole hour of talk and callers. Do you want to talk about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? What about Syria? What's the game-plan for organizations like Black Lives Matter moving forward?

What can be done to resurrect our educational system, here, in the US? All this, and more, are possible places of conversational destination on #FirstFriday. So be sure to tune in, listen and call-in on Friday October 7th at 6pm Central Standard Time. Please feel free to comment on the Rhymes Media Group Facebook page or this Rhymes Reasons episode page, right here, on BlogTalkRadio.

See you there; see you then.

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