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Who is Noah Sewell, Bears 5th Round Pick of 2023?

Noah Sewell:

  • Three-year starter.

  • Outstanding size.

  • Able to take on force with strength.

  • Pure power to drive blocker back when pads are right.

  • Hand strength to stack and shed blocker.

  • Patrols with aggression between the tackles.

There are many NFL pundits who have been lowering expectations for Sewell. I think they are mistaken. I believe that they're underestimating his power and strength - he had more bench reps than both Dexter & Pickens. They also appear to be overlooking his pass-rushing ability. I really, really like his passion for the game.

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Erik King
Erik King
May 13, 2023

Hey Eddie, I like Noah Sewell's aggressiveness in the run game. He will impact the run game, and because of that, NFL offenses will have to scheme for him. He might be over-matched for today's TE's. Coaching him up will be key. I think he will be a starter eventually, but the Bears will have to scheme the defense so he is not on an island against some of the better TE's in the NFL in passing situations. Overall, I like guys that drop in the draft. He was a projected 3rd rounder that went in the 5th round. Could end up being a steal. I think he will be a better than average player for the Bears. Must work…

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