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Welcome To The New & Improved RMG Website

Hello Rhymes Media Group Fam! This site has been years in the making - conceptually and materially. We are passionate about advocacy journalism and independent/alternative media. We believe that the Fourth Estate is bought and broken; we believe that corporate and partisan interests are given priority over the public good. Rhymes Media Group is working hard to be a viable part in the evening of those odds for the people all over the globe.

Our brand of journalism, however, is not without bias. Our work is slanted towards justice; our news leans in the direction of peace and truth. Nevertheless, we traffic in facts and solid research to arrive at the conclusions that we draw. Please be patient with us as we work to make RMG one the best places for advocacy journalism on the web. We aim to continue the groundbreaking and hard-hitting analysis that we have become known for. Please support us in any way you can, as we strive to support, you, the public. See you there; see you then RMG Fam.

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