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America, the Pathological-Lying, Pyromaniac, Faux-Firefighter

Several months ago, the US, infamously, dropped the largest non-nuclear explosive in its arsenal — for the first time ever in its history – striking a sprawling ISIS compound in eastern Afghanistan. Yes ladies & gentlemen, the U.S. Air Force unloaded a 21,000-pound GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb on a Nangarhar Province complex of caves and tunnels being used by ISIS fighters - an entity America has armed, trained and funded.

What's left out of this narrative is that there are 95,000 civilians who live in that area where the GBU-43 was dropped - and it has a blast radius of a mile in each direction. The Taliban was largely gone from Afghanistan by the time the US invaded in 2001, but no worries. With truckloads of cash we were able to create an informant class that pointed out "Taliban" & "al-Qaeda" members. Problem solved and we had the pyrotechnics necessary to come across as the baddest of the bad on the world stage. We were able to do some serious flexing. The lives lost on September 11th were avenged... right?

Listen people, the US is a pathological-lying, pyromaniac, faux-firefighter - except there's hardly ever water coming out that nozzle... it's usually gasoline. It tells lies about what's taking place in other countries; it then creates the circumstances by which its "intervention" is necessary and then it runs in to save the day and stamps out the trouble. There were perils that did not exist in Vietnam, Chile, Iran, Albania, Costa Rica, Yugoslavia, Serbia - most recently, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezuela - before the US went to work.

Skepticism is the only logical response one should have when it hears how necessary this action was in Afghanistan. A more believable narrative is that they had this shiny, new toy that they had never played with before and Afghanistan was as good as place as any, to see how fun it would be in action.

The lies that leads to the fabrication of evidence that supports the lies, that leads to the conditions that call for intervention and, viola, the US is the great, shining hope of the world. That is, if hope can be defined as the pathological-lying, pyromaniac, faux-firefighter having control over the mightiest arsenal in the history of the world.

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