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Trump: Behind Your Back & In Your Backyard

Here are just a few of the Trump administration actions that have come into my email box in the last few days. Click the titles to read more and take action.

The Wilderness Society: The Trump Administration is Stealing YOUR Land

The Nation: The Department of Justice Is Overseeing the Resegregation of American Schools

CMD: Ambitious Effort to Attack Organized Workers & End Progressive Politics in America

State Policy Network Attacks Public Sector Workers as Waters Rise in Texas By Mary Bottari and David Armiak — Documents reveal ALEC’s sister organization hopes to deal a “mortal blow” to unions and put an end to progressive politics.


Earlier this summer, CMD exposed the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, a $800 million tax-exempt “charitable” organization pursuing a highly partisan game plan: funding an “infrastructure” on the right that benefits the Republican Party, while at the same time attempting to defund labor unions, “a principal funding pillar of the left” and a key supporter of the Democratic Party.

Witness for Peace: Tell Your Rep. to Support A Full Review of U.S. Security Assistance to Mexico

Daily Kos: Tell your representative: Commit to vote no on NAFTA corporate power grab!

Sign the petition now to urge your representative to end ISDS and curb corporate greed.

Brave New Films: #Defend DACA Call Your Members of Congress! 212.224.2131

Short video on Brave New Films website, click here. Please share widely.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Will New Scientific Breakthroughs Pave The Way For More Climate-Related Lawsuits?

Quantifying the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Climate Responsibility. A new study quantifies the impacts of emissions traced to major fossil fuel producers on our changing climate.

Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean

By Dahr Jamail for Truthout – When Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a triple-core meltdown in March 2011 as the result of devastating earthquake, most people had no[…]

Several from Common Dreams:

Study Details Why Climate ‘Criminals’ Like Exxon Should Pay for Hurricane Destruction by Jake Johnson “We should be naming these hurricanes after Exxon and Chevron, not Harvey and Irma.”

‘Unprecedented’ Lofoten Declaration Demands Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Industry by Julia Conley

With far-reaching document, 220 organizations call for rapid, global transition to achieve low carbon future.

Warren Officially Joins Sanders on Single Payer: ‘It’s Time to Fight for Medicare for All’ by Jake Johnson

“The American people have made it clear that they believe healthcare is a basic human right.”

After The Financial Crisis: How The Ultra-Wealthy Have Prospered

By Nick Beams for WSWS – It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The same might apply to a graph. One such case is a striking[…]

Sign now: Tell senators to OPPOSE Dreiband for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights People for the American Way:

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